The Development Advisory Group (D.A.G)​


A few members, Paul Vickery, John Sims, Chris Adams, John Dawson, started to meet on Zoom early February to discuss how they could help and support the Executive Committee.

More recently Pete Matthews has joined us.

I, Paul, was asked to participate at the 12th May Executive Committee meeting to present the questions raised by the group.

It was at this meeting, following the questions, I was asked to join the EC as IT Coordinator, being the present administrator of the clubs web site.

It is considered that this medium should be used as the focal point of keeping the club membership up to date with the clubs activities.

Emails sent by the club secretary should run in tandem as an information source. The social media platforms, Facebook, Messenger and What's app, currently being used, should be realigned to operate as an alternative sources of information.

More recently, D.A.G has been asked to provide support and organise the clubs open days and take responsibility for club recruitment, membership and advertising.

Going forward.

Hopefully D.A.G can become the springboard for members to discuss their ideas and suggestions.

If you, as a club member, would like to join D.A.G for a chat, we hold weekly Zoom meetings.

Those club members that don’t have email can participate using your domestic phone line.

Call me, Paul Vickery on 01643 709693 for further details.