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To all members, the green is now open from 6.00pm on the 4th June.


The first club competition, the Maudie Tapp, will take centre stage.

A big thank you to Ken and his fellow green keepers, Barney, Tony and Brian for all their efforts and hard work.

Don’t forget, Tuesday evening 'fun roll up' and the bar is open.

The government guidelines will be enforced. You'll need to sign the register on entry.

The outdoor rinks will be open from 5th June and roll ups from 11.00am. As the green is still recovering, Ken may decide to close some or part of the green on a regular basis. Currently there is no booking procedure, just turn up and play.
All three indoor rinks will be available for booking. Make bookings using the diary in the club house in the normal way.

The club house will be open from 9.00am every day.

The club house will close at 8.30pm, Monday, Weds, Thursday and 6.00pm on Sat and Sunday.

If you've not filled in your membership form, please come along to the club house and ask for one.

Membership fees for this current year are £50 (May-Sept) player, £5 (May-Sept) social and *£60 (Sept-April) player, £5 (Sept-April) social.

* Denotes payment to be made by August 31st 2021.

D.A.G. are busy working on a plan to put on three club open days in the coming months to help bring in new members. This will be presented to the Executive committee on the 9th June for approval.

If you'd like to volunteer to help on one of these days, please

contact Paul Vickery on 01643 709693