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The government guidelines will become more relaxed as from today, ‘Freedom Day’, the 19th July. Please exercise caution and common sense whilst at the club house and in your day to day activities. Stay safe.

Membership renewal is due, payment to be made by 31st August.

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A general meeting is to be organised to address the future of the club at the end of August. Please refer to A.O.B. notes of the 14th July Executive committee minutes.

The member’s club membership book is now available from the club house. Make sure you get your copy and read the club constitution

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We are in need of a new treasurer to help the club out. If you’re interested please contact Brian.

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The Green

Ken was able to report on a very successful visit by the Ground Maintenance Associations Pitch Advisor in which he identified the problems with the green and advised how to overcome them, also Ken had a meeting with a contractor on Sunday 10th to discuss the work and we have been quoted a price of around £5000 in total. The rink edgings will be done by another contractor. We will also need to remove the railings by the double gates for plant access. Ken also said that he was about to start the suggested weekly application of the suggested wetting agent to help hydration of the surface. Currently there is no booking procedure, just turn up and play.

All three indoor rinks will be available for booking. Make bookings using the diary in the club house in the normal way.

The 'fun roll up' club evenings started on the Tuesday 22nd June at 6.30pm. The bar is open.

We are about to purchase a credit card machine, making it possible for you to pay your bar bill.

Terry Morgan has started the ‘Summer Fund Raiser 2021’, the form is on the notice board in the club house giving more details. He is still a few short of the 50 subscribers to start the draws.Those people who have not paid up yet, need to do so asap.

You can view the clubs web site using the computer and screen which is now in the lounge. Easy to use.


D.A.G had the agreement of the Executive Committee to organise two open days, Sat 17th July and 28th August, however due to unforeseen circumstances have now had to postpone the events.

More recently D.A.G. have the EC agreement to introduce school children to the club through a partnership with the middle school and hopefully the Somerset College. A structured approach with the guidance of Bowls England is being put together and is hoped to start in September.

The group have also organised a competition between the school teachers for a Bowls & Petanque  return match to take place late August and early September.