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The club competitions took place during September.

September 6th saw the ‘Jill Maskell’ Trophy won by Val Welch and Pete Matthews. September 11th the ‘Club Triples’ was won by Terry and Jane Emerson along with John Sims and  on September 18th the ‘Captains’ match was won by Roystons team winning by 10 points.

All of the indoor league matches have started, good luck everyone.

The general meeting ‘The Way Forward’ on the 25th September was well attended with a number of questions being raised for consideration at the AGM to be held in February. Ken indicated that the price for the current Green works will be in the region of £15,000.

The Green closed on the 18th September and ground work will commence during October.

Membership cards should now be in your pigeon hole.

All three indoor rinks will be available for booking. Make bookings using the diary in the club house in the normal way.

The club house will be open from 9.00am every day.

Don’t forget, you can see a copy of the latest Executive Committee meeting minutes on the notice board.

You can contact the Executive Committee by either sending a letter in OR via our web site using the ‘contact us’ method

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