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Don’t forget, membership fees are now due by the end of March 2022. See methods of payment on the notice board OR here


The AGM was attended by 51 members and 34 officers were elected in. The Executive members are currently taking advice on the rewording of the constitution and will be making an announcement about a future EGM.

A ‘Pre-season’ meeting for all ‘officers’ of the club will be held on Wednesday 27th April to discuss future events. A sum of £200 has been loaned to the ‘social’ group to help with initial activities.

The green will be open on Saturday 23rd April at 11.00am.

A booklet given all current fixtures is available from the club house and the list is on the notice board.

The cancelled ‘Name that tune’ music night has been reschedule for Saturday 2nd April at 7.00pm.

Children from St Michaels First school are now having introductory lessons at the club on Wednesday afternoons lead by Colin Hirons and assisted by Val welch. The occasional parent has also tried their hand and had a roll up.

New members can obtain lockers from Peter Warren (tel 01643 707486) and Pauline Stevens (tel 01643 708984)

Another four adverts to be placed on a monthly basis into the ‘Word gets around’ magazine have been agreed.

Don’t forget, you can see a copy of the latest Executive Committee meeting minutes on the notice board.

You can contact the Executive Committee by either sending a letter in OR via our web site using the ‘contact us’ method

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