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The club will be holding an ‘Open Day’ on Sunday 29th May, open to everyone that may have an interest in bowling. All ages and abilities welcome.


Various competitions for entry are now available. The ‘Outdoor Summer Bowls’ (see our Club competitions page), the ‘Open Mixed triples’ outdoor, on Sunday 31st July and the ‘Jill Maskell Cup’  indoor.

The ‘Maudie Tapp’ league starts on Friday 27th May.

A number of social events have been organised for the year. Please see notice board for more details.

New members can obtain lockers from Peter Warren (tel 01643 707486)

and Pauline Stevens (tel 01643 708984)

Don’t forget, you can see a copy of the latest Executive Committee meeting minutes on the notice board.

You can contact the Executive Committee by either sending a letter in OR via our web site using the ‘contact us’ method

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